Welcome to A-Z TV Info! 

***About A-Z TV Venom***
A-Z TV Venom is our Global/International Service that has over 3,000 Total Live TV Channels, All Sports Packages, and All Pay Per View Events! This Premium Service will work on our recommended Smooth TV Boxes, along with any Android device (ex. Phone, Tablet, Android TV Box, Firestick, etc.), iOS device, Apple TV, desktop computer, laptops, and gaming consoles!

***How to Stay Up-to-Date with all Changes and News***
Use this link for real-time exclusive updates. Be sure to bookmark and favorite this link: www.AZTVInfo.com/updatelist

***Free 24 Hour Trial Requests***
To receive a free trial, visit our website www.eHostingCenter.com, click the menu button at the top of the page (the button the looks like 3 horizontal lines) and click “Register” to create a user profile on our website, then press the menu button again and click “Open Ticket”, then click “Support Department”, then submit a ticket requesting a free trial. Our team will then respond to your ticket as soon as your free trial is activated.
***NOTE*** Please also check your SPAM email for an email from eHostingCenter with your login credentials, etc.

$14.97 USD for 1 month with the use of up to 4 devices at the same time! No contract, no penalties!

***How to Register a New Account***
(1.) Visit our website: www.eHostingCenter.com
(2.) Scroll down and select either the $14.97 (1 month), $39.97 (3 months), or $74.97 (6 months) package you prefer and click “Order Now” and complete the purchase.
(3.) Click on “Client Area”, “Services”, click on your service that is “Active”, then click “IPTV Service Details” and you will find your Username and Password.

***How to Renew Your Account***
(1.) Visit our website: www.eHostingCenter.com
(2.) Click “Client Area”
(3.) Then click “Invoices”
(3.) Lastly, select your “Unpaid” Invoice that is listed and complete the payment
***NOTE*** If you ever want to change your subscription (ex. If you have a 1 month subscription but you want to change it to a 6 month subscription, etc.), instead of clicking on “Invoices” and paying your unpaid invoice there, go back to the home page of the website (www.eHostingCenter.com) and scroll down and select either the $14.97 (1 month), $39.97 (3 months), or $74.97 (6 months) package you prefer and click “Order Now” and complete the purchase.

***Android App/APK Install Instructions***
To install the latest AZTV Player 3, open your internet web browser and type this url: http://bit.ly/aztvplayer3

To install the older AZTV Player 2, open your internet web browser and type this url: http://bit.ly/aztvplayer2

***Amazon Firestick/Amazon FireTV Box App Install Instructions***

***NOTE*** Your Firestick MUST be unlocked first in order for the AZTV Player 3 app to install. If your Firestick is already Unlocked, proceed to Step Step (1.) below. If your Firestick is not unlocked, click “Settings”, then select “My Fire TV/Device”, then click “Developer Options”, and lastly turn on/enable both “ADB debugging” and “Apps from Unknown Sources.” You may now proceed to Step (1.) app install instructions below:

Step (1.) Ensure that you have installed the “Downloader” app on your device. If not, click on the magnifying glass “search” button and type “Downloader” and install the app. The logo of the app will look like this:

(2.) Open the Downloader app and type this in link exactly as written to download and install AZTV Player 3: http://bit.ly/aztvplayer3
***NOTE*** You Must type the link above EXACTLY as written above as it is case sensitive. And if you wanted to install the older AZTV Player 2 you must type this link: http://bit.ly/aztvplayer2
(3.) Lastly, open AZTV Player 3 that you downloaded in step 2 and enter your username and password to login.

***iOS & Apple TV App Install Instructions***
(1.) Visit the iOS App Store and type “AZTV Player 2” or use this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aztv-venom-player/id1394397929?mt=8
(2.) Enter your username and password and enter this for the Server URL: http://AZTVLive.com:8000
(3.) If you would like to install the TV Guide data, after you login scroll over and click “Update EPG” and the TV Guide data will now be loaded on the channels.

***Kodi Users & Custom Kodi APK Install Instructions***
Repo URL: http://smoothbuilds.com/repo/aztv
***Note*** The Wizard will install our custom Kodi build. The Repo will install only our A-Z TV Venom addon.
A-Z TV Kodi 18.0 APK (our modified Kodi apk that is used as a REPLACEMENT for your regular Kodi apk, which has everything pre installed for you) Download Link: http://bit.ly/aztvk18
Note 1: If you want to install only the addons, add the Repo URL and then install the A-Z TV Repository and the A-Z TV Venom addon
Note 2: If you want to install our Custom Build for A-Z TV that has Free Movie and TV Show Addons, add the Repo URL and then install the A-Z TV Wizard, and then you will get a pop-up message to install the build.

***Web TV Portal (for Viewing on Internet Web Browsers and Gaming Consoles/Computers)***
***NOTE*** If you receive a “reconnecting/playback error” it is most likely because your internet browser is blocking scripts. In order for it to work you have to “allow scripts” in your internet browser settings. On google chrome browser you may see the icon below on the web browser url typing bar, so if you click it, it will then allow you to “allow scripts” which will allow the webplayer to work on your browser.

***STB & MAG Portal URL***

***Perfect Player Setup***
***NOTE*** Replace the “xxxx” with your credentials that you were provided. All details are case sensitive.


***Questions & Technical Support***
(1.) Visit out website: www.eHostingCenter.com
(2.) Submit a support ticket and our team will respond as soon as possible.


***Channel Issue Reporting***
If there are any issues with any channels, email our dedicated channel email box with:
(1.) The channel name
(2.) The channel location category (ex. USA, Canada, etc.)
(3.) The channel issue
And we will work to resolve it as soon as possible. The email box for you to email is: [email protected]

***Reseller Packages***
You will be given your own panel in which you can create/activate your customer accounts with ease. Credits are purchased from us at a reduced rate for you to sell at a rate chosen by you. We operate using a credit system, in which 1 month service with 4 devices/connections = 1 credit.
• 5 Reseller Credits = $10 per credit
• 10 Reseller Credits = $9 per credit
• 15 Reseller Credits = $8 per credit
• 25 Reseller Credits = $7 per credit
• 50 Reseller Credits = $6 per credit
• 100 Reseller Credits = $5 per credit
-Order Reseller Credits from our website here: www.eHostingCenter.com by clicking on the menu button at the top of the page (the button the looks like 3 horizontal lines) and click “Services”, then click the “Hosting Services” drop-down bar and select “Reseller Hosting Services”, and lastly select and purchase the amount of reseller hosting credits you would like.

* All sales are final.
* Some internet service providers throttle users speeds when streaming IPTV services. AT&T U-Verse is known to throttle, so a VPN might be required.
* Firestick users/lower end boxes may experience issues viewing the high quality live HD content and also playing some codecs used for 24/7 channels.
* Nobody is forced to purchase A-Z TV Venom.

Thank you for choosing A-Z TV Venom! Enjoy!